If you want explore the benefits of peer review (as a reviewer and as a reviewee) and the responsibilities involved in both roles then this session is for you:


The Give and Take of Peer Review 

Tuesday 23rd May 2017, 1.30pm-4.30pm, Room 519, Redmonds Building

Peer review is a crucial tool to help improve your chances of success when applying for external funding. Done properly, peer review is a positive experience for reviewer AND reviewee, honing skills which will not only increase the quality of your application and the likelihood of securing funding but will be transferable to other areas of your professional life.

Peer review is also a compulsory step in the process LJMU sets out for academics applying for the vast majority of bids. If you intend to apply for external research funding, you need to understand and embrace the peer review process.

In this session you will also look at the hard and soft skills required for effective peer review and practice some of them with colleagues in a relaxed and collaborative environment.

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