Research and Innovation Services have recently sent out a small gift to researchers who have attended multiple ACTivator workshops.

The LEGO ‘Tinker Kits’ are a way of saying ‘thank you’ to researchers for their contribution to the workshops and also ‘well done’ for making the time to invest in their professional development.

They also provides an opportunity to mark the 12 month anniversary of the launch of ACTivator. One year in, over 20% of researchers have now engaged with the programme and it is running on a 98% approval rating (this percentage of attendees report that they learn from the workshops, benefit from their style and approach and would recommend them to others).

Why LEGO? Play is the best way people have to imagine, interact and learn. Using your hands to build something releases thoughts and concepts that are otherwise ‘stuck’ in your head.  Thoughts that are ‘built’ tend to be more memorable and more easily understood by yourself and more clearly explained to others. Building thoughts encourages us to use metaphors, tell stories and use our imagination.  Here are some LEGO models built in development sessions here at LJMU:

The Tinker Kits were sent out with a few challenges.  Researchers were encouraged to build a model that represented their strengths as a researcher, the purpose of their research or the ways in which they wanted to develop as a researcher. They were then asked to reflect on it from time to time…tinker with it, ponder it, and see if it sparked new thoughts and ideas.

For more information about ACTivator, contact Mel Jones, Researcher Development Lead