Copyright Advice

Copyright monkey-pictureis something you are probably aware of, something you may have occasionally thought about but do you think about how copyright relates to your work, your
presentations, what you photocopy or put onto Blackboard?

It’s best practice to think about copyright at the start of anything you are working on, whether that’s your PhD thesis, a new paper you are working on, a document you are uploading into your class module on Blackboard, or even an image you are going to be putting onto your webpage, Twitter feed or presentation.

The Research Support Team within library services is here to help; we can provide expert advice regarding your copyright questions.  A few basic tips regarding copyright:

  • Search smart: If you want to Google images to find that perfect photo, use the advanced search option to locate images that are under the Creative Commons license
  • Look for things with Creative Commons licenses: There are lots of great things out there that people have made publically available for you to modify-including templates, images, etc.
  • Link smart:  LJMU has access to lots of articles and books electronically.  But if you want to link to these correctly, make sure you provide links via Blackboard or direct people to our electronic library.  That was people can get to these things easily and
  • Ask first: Want to use a graph and modify it in a thesis or a paper? Want to use an image in your own work? Ask.  We have templates you can use to contact publishers directly.  If you ask that the start, then you’ll know whether or not you can use it;  if you ask at the end, you might be faced with omitting things from your work as you do not have permission.
  • When in doubt, ask: The library is here to help you.  If you aren’t sure, just ask.

You will find some general help and guidance on our copyright webpages but if you need further help contact the Research Support Team