The ACTivator programme


ACTivator is LJMU’s programme of researcher development opportunities facilitated by specialist teams within Research and Innovation Services. ACTivator consists of 11 half day workshops focusing on key features of the researcher journey which, successfully navigated, will support you to fulfill your research potential and ambitions.

Each workshop is designed to be an interactive, lively event where your contributions are encouraged. Your role is just as important as the facilitators, making you a co-creator of your development experience.

As part of each workshop you will do some solo thinking, reflecting and planning and also share your experiences and ideas with colleagues, some of whom will have less or more experience and come from contrasting disciplines.  Learning together is a key element of ACTivator.

Workshops are designed to stand alone but as you explore each topic you will see how the issues and skills interrelate and build to form a complete package of support. You will also notice that ACTivator has common themes running through it…these are the ‘golden threads’ of research and are:

  • Be compelling
  • Look up and out
  • Strive for excellence

To find out more about each of the workshops go to: where you can look through the ACTivator booklet and take a look at next year’s calendar of workshops.