Impact Tracking Software

vv-it-logoWe have software available at LJMU called Impact Tracker that can help you capture and articulate the impact of your research beyond academia. 

Impact Tracker is particularly useful for:

  • Researchers who are submitting funding bids to help plan activities which will help maximise the potential for delivering impact
  • Researchers and institutions who are submitting to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) to demonstrate the impact that research has had on society, economy and environment.
  • Researchers who want to develop their own impact profile and evidence a track record of delivering impact.

So how do you develop a project in Impact Tracker?

  • Firstly, create a new project and invite any research collaborators.
  • Secondly, link your project to the relevant research outputs (through  Symplectic, LJMU’s institutional repository, Research Online or Orcid.
  • Thirdly, add evidence of public engagement and impact to the evidence vault, either by uploading a document from your PC, pasting a link from the web or embedding a tweet from twitter.
  • Finally, identify any important stakeholders, activities and any indicators of change, which can then be curated into an impact storyboard linked to key pieces of evidence


To find out more about the support available for impact and to get a log in for Impact Tracker please contact Lucy Day (Impact Officer) or the Research Excellence Team