Research Café I: Faculty of Arts, Professional and Social Studies, October 2016

Each year, the Research Support Team within LJMU Library Services puts on a series of Faculty-based research cafes to highlight different areas of scholarship across various departments.  These informal talks allow postgraduate students, researchers and more experienced academic staff to discuss some of their work with fellow colleagues, other university staff and members of the public, along with a free lunch and hot drink.

The first café of the year recently took place in the Redmonds Building, to highlight work in the Faculty of APSS.  We were lucky to have Kathryn Smith from FaceLab and Dr. Katherine Harbord, senior lecturer from Criminology (and Politics and History!) to come along and discuss their fascinating and converging research areas.

Kathryn Smith, a PhD candidate and teaching assistant in the School of Art and Design, is interested in images of the dead, and the myriad of issues regarding ethical implications of identifying the dead; people’s reactions to images; as well as problems with misidentification (amongst many other things!)

Dr. Katherine Harbord, who previously spent many years as an archaeologist, is interested in a similar area of the often misappropriation of the dead, via commemoration in museums, shrines, after genocide, and the political implications of the history of the deceased.

Although from different departments and distinct research areas, both speakers had very similar themes emerging from their work.  It was a fascinating afternoon to hear both talks.

The Research Support Team has a number of other events coming up where you can either discuss or come to learn about research across LJMU.

If you would like to attend our next event, our Christmas Café on Wednesday, 7 December, please sign up here.

If you are interested in speaking or arranging a similar event in your own department, please contact Katherine Stephan