Introduction to Data Management Planning – 5th Oct 2018

data-planning5th October 2018, 10am – 11.30am, Avril Robarts Library IT Training Room

A data management plan (DMP) is a formal document that describes the data produced in the course of a research project. DMPs are required by many funding agencies and some publishers.

Course content:

During this session we will look at varying funder requirements and how best to answer the questions they ask. We will spend some time exploring DMPonline, the data management tool created by the DCC. We will also look at some example plans, discuss how to get a DOI and highlight the data storage options available to you at LJMU.

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Introduction to Bibliometrics – 26th Sept 18


26th September 2018, 2pm-3.30pm, Avril Robarts Library IT Training Room

During this introduction, we will be discussing the importance creating an online research identity, and use tools such as ORCID and Scopus and help you to make sure your own profile is up-to-date and accurate.

We will also be introducing participants to SciVal, which uses citation metrics to rank journals, publication outputs of researchers and much more.

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Attending to You – 16th Oct 2018


16th October 2018, 1:30pm – 4:30pm, G24, Ground floor, Exchange Station

This workshop will encourage you to reflect on some of the personal qualities, feelings and attitudes that are an integral part of being an effective and impactful researcher.

How confident are you in what you and your research have to offer?  Do you view networking as an agony to be endured or a priceless opportunity? When did you last take stock of your competencies and achievements? How good are you at asking for what you need? Do you ever get the feeling you are an imposter in the research world? Are you paying attention to YOU as well as your research?

You will be encouraged to reflect on your strengths and your attributes and also identify areas in which you need to develop and improve. Through guided activities and small group discussions you will be supported to challenge self-limiting beliefs, share tools and techniques for improvement and set yourself developmental tasks and goals.

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The Building Blocks of Impact – 5th Sept 2018


5th September 2018, 1.30pm – 4:30pm, G14/G15, Ground floor, Exchange Station

Impact is a hot topic for researchers as it is a key priority for funders and plays a significant part in the Research Excellence Framework. But impact doesn’t just happen. It needs to be considered early in any research project and you will need a clear plan and a budget for impact generation and capture.

In this workshop you will identify what impact is (and isn’t), the different types of impact and the potential reach and significance of your research. You will reflect on how well prepared you are to create and capture impact and look at the important role played by your stakeholders.

We will focus on the need to get your research ‘out there’ through effective communication and begin the process of creating a ‘value proposition’ for your research – one of the first and most important building blocks for generating impact. You will also make a start on your Impact Map, which will provide a useful guide for you as your research evolves.

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Researcher Support Workshop – 13th Sept 2018


Thu 13th September 2018 14:00 – 16:30 BST G.14 & G.15 Ground Floor Exchange Station


The research journey can be thrilling, challenging, inspiring, frustrating – and let’s face it, sometimes lonely – but there are a range of colleagues who are available to advise, guide and support you.

If you are an Early Career Researcher or a more experienced academic, this afternoon will provide an opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with some of the LJMU colleagues who are here to help you AND to let them know something about you and your research ambitions. Come along and chat to colleagues from:

  • Grants, Policy and Projects

  • Research Excellence

  • Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation

  • Research Ethics and Governance

  • Library Services

  • Graduate School

This will be an interesting and enjoyable opportunity to make connections that will prove invaluable over the course of your research journey. Talk with the people who make up your LJMU support network, find out what they can do to help you and share your experiences and challenges with them and other researchers.

Get to know your support network!

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Drone Research Engagement Day – 11th Sept 2018



droneLJMU invites you to an extravaganza of drone technology and drones in research. We will be exhibiting work on current and future drone technology and the application of drones in fields from astro-ecology to archaeology, with contributions from LJMU, University of Liverpool, National Oceanographic Centre and more. If you use drones in your work, would like to or are interested in learning more about the future of drones, we encourage you to attend.

The day will feature keynote talks from:

Dr Owen McAree – The future of drone technology

Dr Claire Burke – Astro-ecology: saving endangered animals with solutions from
the skies

3rd speaker tbc

The aim of the day is to exhibit work currently ongoing, facilitate new collaborations and projects, and to begin to form a community of drone users in Liverpool.

We invite 5 minute lightning talks on current research or proposals for future projects (please contact the organizer if interested).
For more information about lightning talks, please contact Dr. Claire Burke:

For more information about tickets, location, etc, please contact Katherine Stephan:

Putting the Quality in Qualitative Research – Tuesday 3rd July 2018


Activator sides

Undertaking qualitative research involves many challenges, not least how to ensure that the research is rigorous and leads to high impact publications. This workshop will consider how to conduct qualitative research that has methodological integrity and that is recognised for its trustworthiness and relevance to its field.

During this interactive workshop, we will highlight some of the pitfalls associated with qualitative methodology, how to employ appropriate techniques and the key considerations to take into account when embarking upon qualitative research. Using reputable reporting standards for qualitative research and with reference to published studies* we will consider how papers may be improved.

The workshop will be led by LJMU’s Dr Lisa Newsom, a registered Health Psychologist based in Natural Sciences and Psychology.  She has particular expertise in qualitative methods across a range of health topics, including public health, health improvement, treatment development and the assessment of patient experiences of healthcare and illness.

This ‘ACTivator Side’ will be relevant for anyone conducting qualitative research regardless of discipline and to researchers looking to publish their qualitative research in peer reviewed journal articles.

*To get most benefit bring your published or current qualitative work or a qualitative article of interest to you.

 This session will run on Tuesday 3rd July 2018, 2pm-4pm at Exchange Station G14/15

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Maximise your REF-readiness – Wednesday 13th June 2018

In this session, the Head of Research Excellence and Research Strategy will help you to consider what excellence looks like for each of the main pillars of the Research Excellence Framework.  The workshop will help to de-mystify star ratings by giving you the opportunity to review and compare research papers and impact statements that have been awarded different star ratings.  Consider what it means for research outputs to show ‘originality, significance and rigour’. Evaluate your potential to contribute to a future REF submission. Come prepared to evaluate your research presence and to leave empowered to maximise your readiness for the next REF.

Wednesday 13th June 1:30pm – 4:30pm, G14/G15, Ground floor, Exchange Station

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Funding Applications: getting a yes -Tuesday 22nd May 2018


Securing funding for your research involves a big investment in time and energy. Andwith more people vying for smaller pots of money, it’s more important than ever that your funding application stands out for all the right reasons.

This workshop is an opportunity for you to reflect on your attitude/approach to applying for funding and review the ground work that is necessary before you apply. You will cover the essentials of writing funding applications and be introduced to core techniques to make your writing more impactful and persuasive.  You will explore ideas around what makes for a strong, compelling research story and learn how to elevate your applications from good to great.

There will also be an opportunity to hear from and question a panel made up of colleagues with a strong track record in securing funding. Hear their perspectives and experiences and find out what ‘makes the difference’ between successful and unsuccessful applications.

Tuesday 22nd May 10.30am-1.30pm, Room 233, Redmonds Building

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Surveying Your Funding Landscape – Wednesday 9th May

When you are relying on funding in order to fulfil your research ambitions, you need to know as much as possible about who is ‘out there’ funding work like yours, what they prioritise and how your research could ‘fit’.

This workshop will provide an opportunity for you to talk to other researchers about your experiences of looking for funding and start thinking about the benefits of collaboration.  You will pick up some ideas around how best to keep your ear to the ground and look at some of the resources available to help you identify appropriate sources of funding. You will review examples of funders’ priorities with a view to assessing whether an application is worth a try.

Wednesday 9th May

1:30pm – 4:30pm

Room 233, 2nd floor, Redmonds Building

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